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What Should Post-Construction Cleaning Services Include?

post construction cleaning services

Cleaning up after a construction site is frequently an afterthought. It is, nonetheless, one of the most crucial aspects of a construction project. Regardless of the building quality, if the cleaning is subpar, the client will be disappointed when the job site is left dirty.

It's a widespread misperception that post-construction cleaning is the same as regular maintenance or deep cleaning, but this is not the case.

Cleaning newly constructed buildings presents some unique issues. Ordinary vacuum cleaners might be ruined by construction dust. Tape residue is left on the flooring to keep it from getting damaged, and it requires special cleansers to remove. Stickers on the new windows will need to be peeled off with a razor or peeled off with a razor.

You can't entrust this level of cleanup to just anyone. Not every cleaning service has the appropriate equipment, cleansers, or "know-how" to complete the task correctly. To assist you in selecting a cleaning company you'll be delighted with, we've compiled a list of things you should expect from their services so you can make the best decision possible when it comes to a post-construction cleaning partner.

Choosing the Most Effective Post-Construction Cleaning Services

When it comes to post-construction cleaning services, don't settle for anything less than the best. Choosing the wrong business might lead to embarrassment and the failure to sell your building because potential buyers came in to see it and it was still a mess. Make certain that the company you choose offers the following services:

1. Make a List with Itemized Subheadings

When choosing a cleaning firm, not having a defined scope is a common mistake. This is crucial for post-construction project success since it differs from ordinary cleaning.

Look for businesses with experience who can help you expand your scope of work, since their knowledge will suggest places for cleaning that you may have ignored.

Make sure to include any cleaners who will be needed for your project in the scope. Some cleaners will use ecologically friendly solutions even if you don't ask for them.

2. Communication That is Proactive

You don't want a cleaning service that makes assumptions because this frequently leads to errors. You'll need a company that communicates clearly and keeps you updated on the status of your project.

With transparent communication and frequent updates, Hinsley Cleaning Group keeps you informed about our work. Photos of job performance are frequently included in our progress reports so you can keep track of how the task is progressing. You'll expect the company you hire to follow suit.

3. Detail-Oriented Cleaning

Because every job is different, it's difficult to have a consistent process for construction cleaning. Regular housekeeping services allow teams to follow a planned process to ensure that no details are overlooked. Members of the post-construction staff must be meticulous.

Janitorial services, for example, do not clean the tops of doors or room corners on a daily basis. They must be maintained after construction to remove all of the dust that gathered throughout the project.

4. Proven track record

Post-construction cleaning has a low entrance barrier, which means that two people with a pickup truck may easily turn into a business with little prior expertise or work ethic. You want a firm that has been in business for a while and knows what they're doing.

Take the time to investigate the companies you're considering and see what their consumers have to say about their products and services. This can assist you to eliminate companies that aren't a good fit for your requirements.

5. Request a Customized Estimate

Contact us to receive your free quote and see if we're a suitable fit for your post-construction cleaning needs.

Look no further than Hinsley Cleaning Group if you want a firm that is concerned about the quality of its work and customer happiness. Service areas include Winston Salem, Clemmons, Kernersville, Lexington, Charolette, and Greensboro, NC.

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