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Why Customer Service Is Crucial for a Janitorial Service

To fully grasp Janitorial Cleaning excellence, a business must master customer service. The

Why Customer Service Is Crucial for a Janitorial Service

pillars of excellent customer service we strive for at Hinsley are -

1) Listening to the consumer to determine what, in their opinion, constitutes a clean and well-maintained facility. Each client and facility is unique.

2) Documenting/remembering critical information about their industry, facilities, and even themselves to assist the contractor in exceeding the customer's expectations.

3) Consistently keeping open communication so that concerns/problems are detected and remedied swiftly before the consumer considers going elsewhere for superior service.

Consider a time when you had exceptional customer service and how it made you feel.

Was there -

-Respect and care for the situation, as well as a willingness to remedy the matter expeditiously?

-Confidence in the firm and individual that provided you the service? This confidence is generated by telling the consumer of the precise actions to be taken and keeping to the plan!

- Relief that a recognized expert and leader in the business was handling the task?

The last thing a facilities manager or property management needs are employee or tenant complaints. If genuine care and concern are felt by the customer service professional, the task will be completed properly and with the highest level of client satisfaction. Here at Hinsley Cleaning, we strive to demonstrate complete professionalism and customer satisfaction.



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