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Green Commercial Cleaning Services

Hinsley Cleaning Group team include our exclusive Hinsley Green Clean commercial cleaning program in all of our janitorial service contracts at no additional cost. Since 2009, Hinsley has extended this progressive advantage to all of its clients, after initially developing it to complement Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects and the US Green Building Council's Green Building Rating System. After conducting considerable study, we determined that implementing this as our company's green commercial cleaning service standard was in the best interests of our teams, consumers, and the environment.

Safeguarding Your Facility

Cleaning chemicals contribute significantly to poor indoor air quality in enclosed spaces; many commercial cleaning products include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can cause respiratory irritation, headaches, and other symptoms in employees and building occupants. These adverse consequences should be considered even more so when children and individuals with weakened immune systems are involved, such as daycares and dialysis clinics. As a result, all Hinsley commercial cleaning products, procedures, and equipment are environmentally conscious. Hinsley Cleaning Group teams are also assisting clients in adopting green cleaning services for the following reasons:


  • Safety and Health of Employees

  • Regulations of the Government

  • Corporate Obligations

  • Waste/Cost Savings

  • Increased Recycling/Self-Sufficiency

  • Public and Employee Relations

  • Desire to Contribute to the Environment

  • janitorial solutions that are environmentally friendly


Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Chemicals

  • Certified by the Green Seal:

  • Non-Toxic

  • Biodegradable

  • Low-VOC

  • There Are No Known Carcinogens

  • Fragrance-Free

  • Certified to be more effective than rival cleaners

  • System of dilution to decrease waste

  • Appropriate dosage (avoiding overuse)

  • Microfibers are color-coded to avoid cross-contamination

  • Superior in terms of health for your workers, customers, and cleaners

Hinsley Green Clean products and services meet any business's environmental and health-conscious requirements. Inquire now about creating a clean and safe workplace for your customers and staff!

New customers receive 25% off of quotes and we always offer free quotes so get started today!

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