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Cleaning Schedule for your Office

Maintaining a clean office can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. There always appears to

Cleaning Schedule for your Office

be a new set of tasks to complete. There's always something to clean, from the trash not being taken out to the break room. Setting a schedule for yourself and your employees to follow can help you complete these duties without fail. Setting daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cleaning goals will help you stay organized and finish all of your cleaning activities. Setting up a cleaning program for your office will keep it looking and feeling amazing! To get you started, here's a sample schedule:

Schedule for Daily Cleaning:

- Pick up trash in offices, lobbies, restrooms, and other public spaces.

- Vacuum or sweep high-traffic areas.

- In restrooms, keep the toilets, sinks, and mirrors clean.

- A well-kept lobby and reception area

- Keep individual workplace areas tidy and organized for staff.

Cleaning Schedule for the Week:

– Recycle containers that have been emptied

- Replace toilet paper and paper towels as needed.

- Vacuum all floors (mop restrooms, vacuum, and sweep low traffic areas)

- Soap dispensers should be refilled.

-Hand dryers that are in good working order

-Keep indoor plants hydrated.

- Clean the employee break room and office spaces.

Cleaning Schedule for the Month:

- Clean all of the furnishings.

- Remove Debris

-Keep your computer and office equipment clean.

-Keep outside landscaping in good shape.

-Wash the windows

- Keep the parking lot and sidewalks clean.

Cleaning Schedule for the Year:

- Vacuum carpets

-Check security systems as well as smoke detectors and sprinkler systems.

- Organize closets and storage systems

-Use Pest Management (may need to do more often depending on location)

- Maintain and clean the heating and cooling system

-Ensure that any signage inside or outside your building is clean and current.

- Examine the structure of your building.

- Clean the gutters and the exterior of the building.

Maintaining a cleaning routine might help you and your employees be more responsible for your workplace. We recommend spreading out the weekly tasks over the course of the week. This way, you won't have to complete them all in one day. You may do the same thing with the monthly and annual amounts. However, cleaning can be a difficult task, which is why Hinsley Cleaning is here to assist. We can not only give you cleaning suggestions, but we can also clean for you. We can handle everything from small daily jobs to large annual projects! Search our website and blogs for more information about our services and other cleaning tips, or contact us!

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