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Carpet Stain Removal

Cleaning your carpet or rug on a regular basis is critical to keeping it looking new for as long

carpet stain removal

as possible. Accidents may occur, and every carpet or rug owner should be aware of how to remove stains from their product. We encourage the unbiased advice provided by the professionals at Hinsley Cleaning for commercial office carpet cleaning, but here are some easy tips for stain removal.

As a first step, don't panic but act promptly because fresh stains are always easier to remove than old stains. Determine whether or not you can handle the removal on your own. Contact us if you have widespread or old, set-in stains.

1. Before using any spot remover, always soak up as much of the soil/stain as possible.

2. Pre-test any spotting agent on an inconspicuous region of the carpet before using it.

3. Wear rubber gloves and apply the spotting agent to a cloth rather than directly to the stain.

4. Never use dishwashing liquid or other non-carpet cleaning products since they leave sticky residues and cause quick soiling.

5. Apply little amounts of spot remover at a time, and repeat as needed. One extreme application is more effective than two or three gentle applications. Don't soak the carpet too much.

6. To avoid spreading the stain, always work from the edge toward the center. Never rub, always blot.

7. Use solvents with caution and make sure there is adequate ventilation.

8. Clean water should always be used to rinse away water-based spotters.

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